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The Buckskin

The first of the duo, The Buckskin, is a freehand watercolour work inspired by the native breeds of wild horses that call the Mongolian steppes home. It's coat mirrors the earthy tones of the tundra it wanders, reflecting the light of the sun. 


The Wildbay

The Wild Bay, the second of the duo, is a freehand watercolour work inspired by the wild bay I lost, a horse I remember with love. It's coat was deeply saturated with hints of mahogany, and it's black mane & tailed, speckled with silvery highlights.



The second freehand watercolour work from the Kelpies series, Deo brought waves of attention for the earthy palette I used when I shared the work on social channels. For this series, I found inspiration in Grecian legends, with Deo's being the story of Demeter,
goddess of the earth & its seasonal cycles. Affectionately known for her fierce, protective nature. 



The final freehand watercolour work from the series of 4 kelpies, the inspiration behind Chiron married Grecian legend to my own star sign. The wisest & kindest of all the centaurs, Chiron was a sibling of Demeter & representative of Sagitarian legend. Torquise features in this work not only as my own personal favourite, but also as the representative colour of wisdom, perfectly akin to the legend of Chiron. 

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