Lian Meaney

Equine Artist

Experienced freehand artist specialising in technical foundation across a variety of art mediums, community development programs, workshops, instruction, and equine inspired artistry.


With more than 25 years of practice, my speciality lies in strong line work and colour across a variety of art mediums; notably charcoal, watercolour, ink, and sculpture. I’m passionate about my work as an artist, producing original works and delivering commissions both locally and internationally, and I’m passionate about my community, working with diverse groups to foster access to wellness programs, education, and community engagement. While I create with a variety of topics in mind, my work mostly features animal portraiture, inspired by my own love for animals, and inspired by those who reach out with sentimental purpose, seeking personal artworks to honour and remember the ones they love.What I'm most known for is equine artistry, particularly works made with charcoal and ink. Inspiration comes from both my own and other's horses, and through practice with other art mediums, love is shown through artistic expression. This features heavily in the freehand work, but also in the sculpture work, where attention is invested to form, capturing the spirit of the horse.

Community Development

Working with community support services and social workers, I’ve been fortunate to provide grant funded wellness programs to both local and rural communities with diversity and inclusion in mind. These community art workshops are composed with diverse demography’s at heart, and foundationally centre an all-abilities approach to program delivery. Ensuring regulation with WHS policy and procedures, these programs focus on community engagement. Working with youth, disabled, and immigrant groups, as well as local artists, businesses, and media outlets, to create opportunity, and to increase access to support services, education, and mental health programs.Working within the capacity of a project manager and teacher, I’ve worked towards providing a safe, supporting environment for vulnerable groups and youth, mentoring attendees with wellness in mind, particularly in the mode of artistic expression. These programs feature a focus on 1 on 1 and group instruction with an average of 5 to 15 attendees across varying age groups, and have produced large-scale art murals within diverse communities.Within these programs we explore a variety of art mediums.
• Charcoal Technique
• Sculpture
• Water Colour Technique
• Freehand Drawing
• Jewellery Making
Delivery has been facilitated within a variety of working environments and professional capacities. Mostly as a resident artist or program facilitator in local shopping centres, schools, and locations within differing communities.


Within the workshops I host, I partner with attendees to foster strong technical foundation across a broad range of art mediums. Participants vary in numbers, and we collaborate on modes of expression, working towards nurturing artistic technique, and the production of original artworks of personal and community value. Workshops incorporate a variety of deliveries and durations, flexible allotments of classes taking place over varying timeframes, and are hosted in a broad range of locations and environments.

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