How can I get in contact with you?

You have multiple options if you would like to get in contact.

  • Completing the contact form below.
  • Direct email at
  • Messaging through Facebook and Instagram (located in the header and footer of this website).

Contact form

Who will I speak to if I am trying to get in contact?

Either myself, or my youngest son Ethan, who manages this website, as well as the email address. You may see him pop up on my Facebook and Instagram page every now and then too!

Questions about the store

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Through the store page you will be able to make a purchase through all major payment methods like Visa, Paypal, and Mastercard, with the addition of buy now pay later platforms like Afterpay. You also have the option of direct bank transfer, however, if none of these satisfy your requirements, please reach out to us with your preferred method and we will do out best to accommodate.

  • I live in Europe, Asia, Africa, or South America, how can I make a purchase?

    Being a small business, it can be difficult to fully satisfy the varying, contrasting regulations and requirements needed to operate globally. While the store is unavailable in these regions, there is the possibility of fulfilling a custom order, and we would encourage you to contact us at

  • Do you ship globally?

    Yes! Kind of? This depends on circumstance, and while access to the store is only available to Australia and North America at present, we can fulfil custom orders globally, as well as ship original artworks globally.

  • I would like to buy original artwork, what do you have available?

    Original artworks are listed via the originals section of the store page. I will also often announce any original or art study works on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • Who will I speak to if I am trying to get in contact?

    Either myself, or my youngest son Ethan, who manages this website, as well as the email address. You may see him pop up on my Facebook and Instagram page every now and then too!

  • Can I personalise artwork or items?

    Through this website, specifically the store page, you are unable to personally customise items or artworks. With that being said, you are welcome to contact directly if you have something in mind and we will do our best to provide any possibilities to you. This extends to the possibility of ordering anything in bulk.

Can I buy a sculpture?

All sculptures are original, handcrafted artworks requiring time and care in their creation.

Any sculptures that are available tend to be announced on my Facebook page. Each varies in size, materials, mediums, and time spent in creation, for that reason pricing does vary.

I sometimes have original artworks in reserve, so an email or direct message is always a welcome option if you would like to enquire.

Is there anywhere I can see or purchase your art in person?

At present I am the sole distributer of my art, so outside of any markets I attend there is no possibility of seeing art or items in person.

Occasionally my art may be displayed in a gallery, this is normally announced via social channels and email.

About Art Prints

What are 'A' series print sizes?

A series print sizes are popular, globally recognised method
for sizing art, photography, and print.

Art prints are available in sizes from A4 to A0.

What size should I choose if I’d like to order an art print?

This is entirely up to you and the space you envision the art in! Something to remember when considering how to display your art is the viewing distance.

For art that is intended to be viewed closely a smaller size might be more appropriate depending on the environment, i.e., displayed on a desk, side table, or bookcase. In this case an A4 size might be appropriate.

Art that is viewed at a distance should be appropriately scaled, i.e., displayed on a wall. Any of the A series print sizes could be appropriate with consideration of viewing distance. For example, an A0 Sized art print is perfect if the viewing distance is greater than 1m (3 ft approx.).

  • What is Giclée art printing?

    "Giclée” printing, also known as "archival printing", or "museum-grade printing", is reputably the most-accurate art reproduction method. Giclée is a French term meaning "to squirt out", referring to the process the Inkjet printer uses to deliver ink to subject. It requires a specialty, professional printer, uses a broader array of pigment-based inks than commercially available printers, & when combined with an archival quality paper, like Hahnemühle, produces art of quality identical to the original. The pigment-based inks used in Giclée printing also have the greatest longevity, famed for lasting 75+ years.

  • What is Hahnemühle?

    Beginning in 1584, Hahnemühle was the inventor of digital fine art paper for inkjet printing & art reproduction and continues to be the longest running provider of fine art paper worldwide. German-etched Hahnemühle is a traditional mould-made paper using 100% alpha-cellulose, famed for it's unique, velvety, felt-like texture. An archival paper of the highest quality, German-etched Hahnemühle showcases artistry sublimely, with a 3-dimensional effect & depth, identical reproduction of colour & detail, optimum contrast, & true use of black. While being of exceptional quality, German-etched Hahnemühle also provides the greatest longevity.

How do I take care of my art?

There are a few things you can do immediately to protect your artwork.

Make sure the environment your art lives in is appropriate.

  • Protected from humidity and moisture.
  • Away from direct sunlight.
  • Placed in a position where contact with the artwork is minimal.

An excellent way to easily satisfy these considerations is to frame your artwork, or have your art framed professionally.

Each art print is provided with a white border to allow for framing.

How are prints delivered?

To provide the most sustainable, affordable, and accessible means to delivering art, we partnered with a global specialist art printing platform called Prodigi, who place sustainability, ethics, and quality assurance at the core of their operations.

Being global, Prodigi allows us to provide art that is fulfilled locally based on each individual order, reducing carbon emissions, transit times, and elevated costs. Prodigi also allows us to deliver art with sustainably sourced, vegan materials, both within the art itself, and the packaging used in delivery, all of which are entirely recyclable without compromising on quality.

We’ve been using Prodigi for some time now and we have both seen the quality and heard received vompliments about the service they provide. If you have made a purchase and you encounter any compliments or concerns, please contact us at

Is your packaging recyclable?

Packaging used for delivering art and items has been selected by its effect both on the environment and protecting the integrity of the art or item during transit.

The entirety of our art print, canvas, and card collections, are delivered with sustainably sourced, recyclable packaging.

Select items, however, sometimes require us to compromise on ethics so they can be safely delivered to you. For example, a sculpture requires greater security in its delivery.

In this event, we would ask you to recycle where appropriate to the best of your ability, or perhaps even repurpose the
materials for your own creative projects!

I've ordered my art print, when can I expect to receive it?

Depending on your chosen payment method, and our current volume of orders, you should expect to receive you print on average within 8-10 business days. All orders are provided with tracking reference numbers, if you receive confirmation without a tracking number, please let us know through the contact form below or email at

About Events

What Markets do you attend?

Being based in the Whitsundays region of Queensland Australia, I am only able to attend markets local to this area. However, there is the possibility of attending markets interstate. Any events announcements will be made via my Facebook page, or via email communications, of which you can subscribe to receive at the base of this page.


When is your next workshop?

Because some workshops are curated with certain considerations in mind, public access may not always be announced. With that in mind, any upcoming workshops where open access is provided will be announced via my Facebook page, or via email communications, of which you can subscribe to receive at the base of this page.